Dr. Keith Ablow’s Political Hero, the Unabomber

On June 25, 2013, Dr. Keith Ablow, rogue psychiatrist and resident Fox News psychobabbler, desperate for attention, published an article on the Fox News website entitled “Was the Unabomber Correct about the Horrors of Technology Combined with Government?”

Apparently, the main basis for Dr. Ablow giving an Internet-based high-five to Ted Kaczynski, aka the Unabomber, is that Kaczynski’s Manifesto, “Industrial Society and Its Future” is critical of “leftists” and the “politically correct.”  Dr. Ablow’s support would appear to come under the concept of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend, even if the enemy of my enemy is a murderous psychopath with rambling, incoherent ideas that only partially coincide with my own ridiculous beliefs.’  Or perhaps Dr. Ablow just recognized Kaczynski as a fellow traveler on the road of ill-defined political positions using shallowly-explained psychology in an attempt to justify paranoid delusions.

Dr.  Ablow acknowledges at the outset of his article that we may not have had access to Kaczynski’s delightful little thesis if Mr. Kaczynski hadn’t demanded its publication under threat of blowing up more people if he didn’t get his way.  Yet, while Dr. Ablow’s article states repeatedly and in bold that blowing people up is not good, and Kaczynski really shouldn’t have blowed those people up, and No!! I really, really mean it!!  Blowing people up is really, really bad!! he still insists that Kaczynski’s ideas “are increasingly important” and “cannot be dismissed.”  I assume the bolded statements exist so that there is a legal wall shielding Dr. Ablow and Fox News if anybody takes Mr. Kaczynski or Dr. Ablow all that seriously and decides that blowing things up is actually a useful solution to whatever-the-hell it is that either of them are talking about.

Of course, taking Dr. Ablow seriously in this (and most other) case(s) is rather difficult for any rational person—which includes a whole lot of people who don’t need bolded statements telling them not to blow people up.   But perhaps Dr. Ablow just plain doesn’t realize that what generally happens with the manifestos of psychopaths is that they are dismissed, except by other psychopaths.  Instead, Dr. Ablow elevates Kaczynski’s explosives-backed malarkey to the heights of time-honored literature, saying it “deserves a place alongside” Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World.

What is truly adorable in Dr. Ablow’s column is how he imagines Ted, sitting in his cell, recognizing just how correct (not politically correct) he is (as opposed to the type of psychopath who would acknowledge that maybe he had gone a bit too far) all because people use Twitter, Facebook, and GPS too much.  Dr. Ablow even imagines engaging in a mind-meld with Ted where they jointly recognize the evil caused by the Internet (President Obama used it to get elected) and engage in paranoid delusions about President Obama “making a play to disarm” American citizens.  Yes, there’s nothing that shores up your argument quite so much as being in (pretend) agreement with somebody who hid out in a shack in the woods and planted bombs in alleyways so that he could defend, as Dr. Ablow says, “individuality and autonomy” or what “constitutes the core of a human life.”

Never mind that Kaczynski’s work, among other things, indicates his support for radical environmentalists, as he tries with much confusion to explain why they aren’t really leftists.  Never mind that Kaczynski advocates the destruction of technology and the collapse of the economy, stating, “conservatives are fools: They whine about the decay of traditional values, yet they enthusiastically support technological progress and economic growth,” which “inevitably break down traditional values.”  Never mind that Kaczynski ridicules Constitutional rights as bourgeois tools for enforcing control.  What’s really important is that either Dr. Ablow hasn’t actually bothered to read Kaczynski’s work, that Dr. Ablow is counting on anyone agreeing with his ridiculous column to not actually read Kaczynski’s work, or that Dr. Ablow actually suffers from a reading comprehension disorder and didn’t understand Kaczynski’s (largely incomprehensible) work.

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