A Personal Promise


J.C. Schildbach, LMHC

Although this is a blog by a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), mostly concerning mental health issues, the author promises never to use the word “journey,” unless it’s, like, capital J Journey–as in the Steve Perry/Neal Schon juggernaut whose “Don’t Stop Believin'” closed out the final episode of The Sopranos, and was later usurped by the cast of Glee, forever linking the FM radio hit, in the minds of American TV viewers, with the potential assassination of lovable sociopaths and their family members, as well as with the failure of high-school singers to achieve their dreams of attaining notoriety via a largely-ignored-but-allegedly-national competition.  In short, “Journey” will henceforth be used only in a limited musical context related to happy times with murderous thugs and sad times with singing losers…and with whatever personal associations you connect to that band and their work–but not with your personal growth path through life–except, perhaps, as it intersects with capital J Journey.

The Wheel in the Sky Keeps on Turnin’, and sh*t.

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